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Wednesday, June 26
GYLA says MIA should stop showing secret videotapes

Tabula reports that the Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) appealed to the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) to stop publicizing the secret videotapes discovered in Samegrelo region. Head of GYLA, Kakha Kojoridze, said he explain the logic of the MIA.

“The investigation is underway, and these videotapes are the evidence and they should not become public,” Kojoridze said, discouraging the MIA’s decision to show these materials to the members of Tbilisi City Council only because they are interested to familiarize with the issue.

Kojoridze said it would be better if people learn what was going on in the country in the past in a different way– for example, via the analytical documents, which the MIA is preparing. “It is not right to openly show the shots to anyone who is simply interested,” Head of GYLA said.

According to Kojoridze, there is a risk of identifying people from the videotapes. He said that those people who think that their dignity has been affected by revealing the videotapes, can make a complaint against MIA.

Ministry of Healthcare finances treatment of boys with leukemia

Interpressnews reports that the Georgian Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Protection will finance the treatment of Mirza Tsetskhladze, 12 and Giorgi Gabedava, 13. Minister of Healthcare, Davit Sergeenko told the representatives of the Dimitri Tsintsadze Foundation who had been protesting in front of the old Parliamentary building in Tbilisi, that money necessary for Tsetskhladze’s treatment in Italy will be fully covered by the Children’s Oncologic-Hematological Center.

According to Sergeenko, it will be the same with Gabedava who is also in urgent medical need.

Sergeenko said the ministry had started to take care over the children’s oncological-hematological problems. “We work to ensure that every child with these problems are provided with effective and urgent care,” he said.

Journalists and other representatives of the Dimitri Tsintsadze Foundation met Sergeenko’s statement with great applause. They said Tsetskhladze will be sent to Italy in a couple of days for the relevant treatment.

The protest rally organised by the Foundation aimed at encouraging the Georgian government to assist children with leukaemia under the slogan: Do you Jobs – Save the Lives of Children.