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Do you think soap-operas should be restricted in Georgia?

Wednesday, June 26
"I support the restriction of soap operas, as those soap-operas that are being broadcasted by Georgian TV channels have a negative influence on the mental development of the public."
Natia, Student, 20

"I think that Parliament has got more important issues to solve than to hold discussions over restricting soap-operas...However, in general, I think that some measures are to be made in this regard as well."
Levan, Manager, 22

"It depends on the quality of the soap operas and what are suggested to people. Of course, taste is not an issue that might be discussed; however, there are many interesting and high-quality soap-operas. Georgian TV channels are engaged in showing low-quality, cheap ones... by the way, animated cartoons should also be paid attention to. There are such kinds of animated cartoons that have a negative effect on the psychology of the young generation."
Manana, Teacher, 51

I think the soap-operas should by all means be restricted, because some of them are really tasteless and lack morality.
Kakha, Engineer, 31

I do not think soap-operas should be restricted. This is not a must, it's just free will and either you can watch or not. Thus, restrictions must not be supported.
Diana, PR Manager, 30

I think it is not even worth discussing this issue, especially in the legislative body. I wish our MPs were debating over important issues rather than such nonsense. It depends on taste and financial conditions of TV companies which TV series they will run on air. If someone does not like certain soap-operas there is a huge choice in Georgia nowadays.
Ana, Housewife, 26

I do not watch soap-operas on TV, except from a few which I find really interesting and worth spending time on. However, my family members do watch some which I dislike, but it is their choice. I personally download European and American TV series mainly in English because I want to learn something from them both in personal and practical ways. This is why I can only wish TV companies would buy more expensive but tasty films rather than cheep and silly ones. People need to feel comfortable in front of their TV sets and enjoy watching.
Salome, Interpreter, 32