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Training Course: Local Leaders of Innovative Education – Third Round

Thursday, June 27
On June 24- 26, 2013 in Tbilisi, the third round of the training course- Local Leaders of Innovative Education- were conducted.

The training course topics were as follows:

Innovative education tools
• Simulations
• Games
• Role-playing games for teaching

Representative Janos Wagner from the leading organization 'Partners - Hungary' conducted the training course.

In total, there will be four rounds of training

The first training courses were attended by 18 teachers and scientists, who were selected via an open competition launched on April 24-26 and the topic was Active Teaching, the second training focused on Creativity in Education.

After the training courses are over, the participants will be able to use their new experience and skills in their schools, as well as have a chance to implement joint projects.

The aforementioned project is financed by the Visegrad International Fund and is being implemented by the NGO networks “Partners for Democratic Change” (including 5 organizations) and the Innovative Education Foundation.