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Thursday, June 27
Students continue protesting proposed changes to the Law on Education

Netgazeti reports that students continue to protest in front of the Ministry of Education and Science over the proposed changes to the Law on Education claiming that the government, ministry and parliament did not take their demands into consideration.

According to the students, they have sent a letter to the Minister of Education, Parliamentary Chairman and the Prime Minister.

“We oppose the draft law as a whole and the fact that it is being adopted without us,” student, Giorgi Mgeladze, said asking the officials to meet and consult with them. He said the Parliament should not approve the changes to the law without their participation, because it refers it directly affects the students.

Stressing that they have not received either written or any alternative type of a reply from the PM, the Parliamentary Chairman and Minister of Education, the students said this is why they have arranged the protest.

Netgazeti reports that no official representatives of the ministry have met the students, except from an ordinal staff member who tried to find out the reasons of the rally.