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What do you think is the best profession in Georgia nowadays? Why?

Thursday, June 27
“I think ITs are very much demanded nowadays, as computer based technology always need good care. Moreover, it does not require great educational background or knowledge.”
Tamar, Journalist, 26

“Specialists in marketing, PR and sales are the most demanded in Georgia nowadays.”
Tato, PR Manager, 24

“I am an interpreter and I like my profession. Even though I have to deal with a lot of issues daily, I still feel fine and the salary is also great. So, in general, I think if a person enjoys what they do and receives relevant salary, any profession can be ideal.”
Eka, Interpreter, 32

“Being a lawyer is very profitable and respected nowadays especially after the change of government after the October’s parliamentary elections when a lot of former officials have been detained for crimes and violations.”
Nodar, IT Specialist, 29

“Pole dancing makes you keep fit and allows you to earn money at the same time.”
Ani, Operator, 21

“Today a good job is defined according to the salary. So financial sector is certainly more in-demand and highly paid.”
Mari, MA Student, 23

“Well, it is difficult to say, situation in Georgia concerning jobs is quite different… one might be very educated, have a job, a responsible job, however income is lower… on the other hand, there might be some other, with some certain practical skills and comparable high income. The best profession is to be an accountant, as they can work for different companies and have several sources of income and English language teacher as well.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“Don’t even know. The lack of work places makes me thing that none of the professions is any good nowadays.”
Nana, 49 Housewife.