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How much does politics affect your everyday life?

Friday, July 5
"Politics affects everything in Georgia. It is impossible to walk down Georgian streets and not listen to some political discussions or disputes...I think that this tendency is really unacceptable and is the main sign that the situation in the country is not normal. If you look at Georgian teenagers you will realize that 80% of them or more have some anxiety problems."
Giorgi, painter, 36

"Politics definitely has some influence on my life. In general I focus on my job and my personal development...however when there is an unstable political-economical reality inside the country it negatively impacts all citizens.
Tsitsi, teacher, 26

"I think that our country is far too politicized. I express interest in political issues as well."
Giorgi, student, 20

"To be honest it affects us not only every day but every minute. Unfortunately Georgian society is so affected by politics that it is inescapable.
Diana, PR manager, 30

“I am a journalist working on political issues, so I have to deal with various political issues on a daily basis. Thus politics is part of my job and I cannot avoid talking about it; however, when I am with friends or family members I try my best not to discuss anything political and live a different life."
Salome, journalist, 29

“I think Georgian people are highly affected by politics in their everyday life and it is cross generational because Georgia a small country which has been the target of various attacks throughout its history. People of my age have seen the communist era, the first days of Georgia’s independence, and the new governments and we keep on comparing which era was best."
Levan, pensioner, 67