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The U.S. celebrates Independence Day

By Messenger staff
Friday, July 5
On the 237th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Richard Norland said the battle for freedom and independence, the struggle for civil rights and equality for all citizens and efforts to build a more peaceful world are universal goals.

Addressing Georgian Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili and other guests, Norland said "Your presence here today reminds us that the United States and Georgia share a special partnership in pursuing these goals together."

Thanking everyone attending the ceremony for "...their role in building the bridges of friendship and cooperation that make it possible for us to do this." the U.S. ambassador praised Georgian hospitality, understanding and "shared sacrifice in places like Afghanistan, where our difficult joint struggle for freedom is giving the Afghan people a chance to live a normal life."

As a message on this special date for the U.S. Norland said "Amerika tkventan aris" which in Georgian means "America is with you."

"America is with the people of Georgia." he said calling Georgia "an important potential model for others in the region" as "democracy continues its challenging path forward in this country."

"America is with you on this journey, along with your many other friends and partners in the international community. And in being with you, we are learning from you about courage and independence and hospitality, and about a region that for far too long was isolated from the rest of the world. We congratulate Georgia on all that it has accomplished, and we look forward to deepening our friendship even further in the years to come. To U.S.-Georgia relations: Gaumarjos! Thank you." the U.S. ambassador stated.

Congratulating the US people on this special date Prime Minister Ivanishvili said the United States is the symbol of the free world. He said freedom is the major value that the United States has followed for over two centuries now and this road is based on respect for human rights, freedom of choice, etc. Ivanishvili said where human beings and humanity are being respected success is inevitable.

"We are proud that the United States is a friend and strategic partner for Georgia. For us a strategic partnership means bilateral collaboration." Ivanishvili said. Stressing that the Georgian dream is to live in freedom the Prime Minister said "We are sure you will help us to achieve this dream. This government will do everything for the United States and will not weaken." Ivanishvili stated.