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When and how often do you usually read books?

Wednesday, July 10
“Well, I am trying to read every day at home, I also read at the state library. I consider that reading is essential for human development. I do not believe that someone cannot read as he has no time. It is not obligatory to read the whole book in a day, it is nice if you want and manage to read even several pages a day. I read different genres of books.”
Giorgi, Student, 20

“I read every day and in general those books I need, not literature as I have very little time. I teach at a private school that requires too much time and energy, at the same time there is much work to do at home as well.”
Tamta, Teacher, 23

“I like reading. In general, I read adventurous books. I read during the school period and especially during the holidays.”
Vasiko, Pupil, 16

“Unfortunately I was not very keen on reading in my childhood that is why now I have the whole pack of books I have to read. It is not mandatory, I can surely ignore the fact that I have not read a lot of books; however I feel empty and try to fill my mental emptiness at least before bedtime.”
Anna, Designer, 27

“I read a book nearly every night before I go to sleep. This is something I’ve been doing for many years now, since my childhood.”
Nia, MA student, 23

“I do not read books frequently, as I have no free time at all. Usually I read books when I’m on a vacation.”
Tamar, legal adviser, 27

“I usually read on weekends. There is no better feeling than having a cup of morning coffee and read a good book.”
Sandro, project officer, 28