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What do you think about the new electronic ID card?

Friday, July 19
"I had to get a new ID card as my previous one expired recently. I personally do not see any problems with these cards, hopefully there isn't information about me on the card that I don't know about and itís just a card for my personal identification."
Nika, legal adviser, 28

"I don't have an ID card yet as I don't need it, but I think it is OK to have these cards. If there is something about these cards incompatible with our faith, then the church has to inform us."
Mako, interpreter, 25

"I don't have an ID card. I think that the churchís demands should be taken into account and the government should allow alternative ID cards. There are fully developed countries which don't have ID cards."
Nana, student, 22

"I am a university applicant and I have one-without it I would not be able to take my exams."
Tekla, university applicant, 18

"I don't really know. It looks nice and I don't mind having one. I'm not one who listens to crazy priests and sees Satanís tricks in every corner."
Temo, journalist, 27

"I don't have one yet as my old card is still valid but I am not afraid of the new one. It seems really strange that some people consider the new ID card a sign of Satan."
Shalva, writer, 27

"I don't like its design at all."
Keti, graduate student, 25