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What do you like/dislike in old/new Georgian generations?

Thursday, July 25
“In young generation I like sense of motivation, individuality in old generation the wish for younger generation to be better.”
Nino, facilitator, 26

“Well, with the young Georgian generation, I like that they can fix more bravely their views, be open and more communicative. However, there is one problem, so called European values came to our country very quickly that made a bad influence on certain section of young people, sometime they cannot differentiate where the limit is between being free and rude, they think that freedom means to do everything what they want and they forget that one’s freedom ends where the other’s begins. As for the old generation, I do not like that they want their children to be always with them and do what the parents’ want. They should let their sons and daughters be free in the decision-making process.”
Tsutsi, language specialist, 25

“What I really like in our new generation is that, unlike previous generations, young people nowadays tend to be more independent in their lives.”
Salome, PR manager, 31

“I respect the generation of my grannies. Their majority is well-educated and has traveled to various parts of the post-Soviet space. They were half-lucky to have at least the opportunity to see the places of interest, but I really do not like the fact that they talk about those old happy times when they get together. It is probably because of my selfishness – I mean I also want to do even 50% of what they have, but my generation is a bit different due to the heavy 1990s. We lived in darkness, without gas, water and electricity, thus many of us developed psychological trauma. I do not like generalizing things, but as a whole, I hope we will overcome the obstacles and when we get older we will recollect all those hardships with smiles on our faces because we would have achieved lots of things by that time.”
Elene, Painter, 27

“Earlier generations probably were friendlier, I’m not sure but this is how I see them. Modern people seem to be a bit distanced from each other.”
Zaza, MBA student, 23

“I think every new generation in Georgia is more motivated and self-confident. This is what I really appreciate in them. They do not have fear of life and what as much from life as possible; however, their manners sometimes irritate me. I understand the world fashion trend as I also have a 12-year old daughter, but still, some of those teenagers really fail in “imitating” the fashion. I prefer if they will be as natural in every manner as possible. As for the elder generations like me or my parents, I feel we were shier and even more polite. We respected elder people and cared more about the public mind, which I think is quite a good quality.”
Irma, Housewife, 41