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Friday, August 23
UNM reports growth of crime networks in prisons

The United National Movement has expressed concern regarding the increasing criminal influence on prison administrators. MP Akaki Minashvili held a briefing in this regard on August 22nd. He called the situation a "spider web" which was formed after last October's parliamentary elections.

For visual effect, Akaki Minashvili made a visual presentation showing how prison administrators and guards are in contact with the main crime boss of the Georgia mafia, Tariel Potskhveria, nicknamed Tarasa.

"You remember that Tarasa was the main creator and instigator of the anti-government plot in 2006. By agreement with the officials of the ministry of Sozar Subari (penitentiary minister), Mr. Tarasa summons various crime bosses at the Ksani prison hospital, where Tarasa gives instruction and recommendations to the prison administrators on how they should control their prisons. Criminals have serious influence in the prisons-witness the violence inside prisons and the murder of inmates.” Minashvili said. (Rustavi 2)

Turkish president supports Georgia’s territorial integrity

Turkish President Abdullah Gul expressed his support for Georgia's territorial integrity and sovereignty and backed the country's integration into the EU and NATO. The president made a statement during a meeting with the new Georgian Ambassador to Turkey Irakli Koplatadze, the Georgian Foreign Ministry told Trend on Wednesday.

Koplatadze submitted his credentials to the Turkish president during the meeting.

The parties also discussed a large spectrum of bilateral relations, before stressing that Georgia and Turkey are centuries-old partners and these relations are deepened and expanded as time passes.

The Turkish president made a special point on emphasizing the expansion of relations in the spheres of the economy, energy, trade, culture and sport. He promised to provide all possible support to the deepening of bilateral relations.

For his part, Koplatadze thanked Turkey for supporting Georgia in international organizations and for its contribution to the development of a number of industries in Georgia.

He also informed the Turkish president about the reforms which the country conducted after the victory of the Georgian Dream coalition in the Georgian parliamentary elections on October 1, 2012. (Trend)

Armenian Embassy has received no alerts from Ureki holidaymakers

The Armenian Embassy in Georgia has not received any messages from Armenian citizens affected by the floods in Ureki, but the embassy is still being informed about the situation on the ground, the Armenian Ambassador to Georgia Hovhannes Manukyan said.

"Everything is under control. We are monitoring the situation. Citizens of Armenia have not been affected. There is no reason for panic." he told Armenian

Heavy rains on August 18th and on the night of August 19th caused serious damage to the infrastructure of the Georgian resort Ureki on the coast of the Black Sea. Hundreds of holidaymakers in Ureki are trying to leave the resort as soon as possible. (News.Am)

Tbilisi next stop for Gizella Sinaii’s “Travel Diary”

Iran-based Hungarian artist Gizella Varga Sinaii will display her collection "Travel Dairy" in Tbilisi, Georgia this autumn.

The collection "Travel Diary" contains 10 large-size paintings, which narrate the life story of Gizella in Hungary, Austria and Iran.

"These works narrate my life in these three countries, my journey from the West to the East." Gizella told the Persian service of Fars News Agency.

The works have previously been displayed in different countries such as Finland, Austria and Hungary, and will go on display in Tbilisi in autumn, she added.

The collection will later be shown in Dubai and several other countries, she said, adding that Iran will be the last stop.

"I was always in search of art and cultural commonalities between the East and the West and like to seek these commonalities." she said. (Tehran Times)

"Are you ready to fly?" - Hyper Travel to Georgia

The Polish Timelapse media group travelled to Georgia and tried to show the most impressive sights of the country in a 90-second video. "Are you ready to fly? This film is a HDR hyperlapse postcard that will take you to a journey through Georgia - probably the friendliest country in the world." is how they describe their trip.

Places shown in the footage include Batumi, Mestia, Gelati, Kutaisi, Gori, Uplistsikhe, Tbilisi, Sighnaghi and Kazbegi.

"The mountainous 26,216 square mile country is packed with gorgeous sights that range from Black Sea beaches to gorgeous mountain ranges." their web site reads.

The group of Timelapse Media decided this picturesque country deserved its own “hyperlapse postcard” as they call it. And so they grabbed their cameras and got to travelling. (Georgian News)

Bera Ivanishvili’s Summertime released

Bera Ivanishvili has published his new video clip Summertime on his official Facebook page. The singer stated that he wants to introduce the video to his Georgian fans before making his international premiere. "Get ready for Summertime! Check out the official lyrics video to learn the words, and then get ready to dance!" the post published on Facebook reads. (Georgian News)

Zaza Okuashvili wants to buy TV 9

Omega Group founder Zaza Okuashvili wants to buy TV 9 and is launching negotiations with the current owner of TV 9. According to Luba Eliashvili, director general of TV 9,

the Iberia TV company has regained its previously restricted frequency. Iberia belonged to Omega Group founder Zaza Okuashvili. A SWAT team invaded Iberia TV after the Rose Revolution in 2003, after which Iberia TV was shut down.

According to Luba Eliashvili, there are a number of proposals regarding the purchase of TV 9, but she refrained from elaborating on the details.

TV 9 was taken off the air a few days ago. The owners are ready to sell the TV Company for a third of its value. (IPN)