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Do you see any necessity for pre-term parliamentary elections in Georgia? Why?

Friday, August 23
"No, I don't. I'm against all pre- and post- rhetoric. Elections should be held when they are supposed to be held."
Nino, facilitator, 24

"I think that there is no necessity for holding snap parliamentary elections in Georgia."
Mamuka, BP employee, 32

"I think that the current parliament of Georgia needs serious 'cleaning'. There are a lot of people who are creating laws in the legislative body and shouldn't be there. I think that snap elections are necessary."
Teimuraz, engineer, 29

"I see the necessity of holding pre-term parliamentary elections as the current parliament is absolutely inadequate-there is no place for the United National Movement there."
Alika, IT specialist, 40

"No, I think there is no need for pre-term parliamentary elections, because the political situation in the country is stable."
Tata, journalist, 25

"I think that there should be pre-term parliamentary elections. The United National Movement should leave Parliament and pave a way for the third force- Shalva Natelashviliís Labour party Ö I am joking. In all seriousness, I don't think that Minashvili or Taktakishviliís [UNM members] should be in Parliament."
Shota, student, 22

"I'm really tired of pre-term elections, revolutions, etc. in this country. Why donít we get used to the fact that the elected parliament or president has to serve its term and only afterwards should new elections be held."
Vaja, technician, 52

"I donít think there is any need for pre-term parliamentary elections. I'd prefer to see more parties in Parliament, but I can wait for the next scheduled elections."
Sandro, legal associate, 27