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CEC has not registered the referendum question about pre-term parliamentary elections

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, August 23
According to information published on the Central Election Commission's official website on August 22nd, the referendum question: “Would you like to hold pre-term parliamentary elections in Georgia in 2014? Yes or no?” has not been registered on the ballots for the upcoming presidential election.

Gela Nikolaishvili, member of a group that wanted the question included on the ballot, stated in an interview with Interpressnews that the demand for pre-term parliamentary elections was due to the "abnormal and extraordinary environment." in last year's parliamentary elections. Nikoleishvili said that the October parliamentary elections were a great victory for the Georgian people, but were not conducted in normal circumstances. “In those elections, voters made their choice in a desperate situation, rather than from an informed and thoughtful position." Nikolaishvili stated.

UNM members believe that the current government wants try to hold pre-term parliamentary elections. “If this happens before the presidential election, it will come about by twisting arms, because GD does not have a constitutional majority." UNM member Grigol Vashadze stated. He said that Georgian Dream believe that they have a weak presidential candidate and, therefore, they prefer to conduct the presidential and parliamentary elections simultaneously to bolster their chances.

The Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili explained a couple of days ago that holding pre-term parliamentary elections is not on his agenda. "We have no plans to do this. It is not my desire...We need to adapt and learn the law and respect the Constitution." Ivanishvili stated.

Political scientist Ramaz Sakvarelidze does not exclude the possibility of holding pre-term parliamentary elections. “If the non-parliamentary opposition becomes very frustrated, this could spread to the public; the only way of quenching this dissatisfaction will be by holding pre-term parliamentary elections. Having pre-term parliamentary elections will give the non-parliamentary opposition a chance to enter Parliament. This will ensure stability in the country."