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What do you think about increase in cigarette price?

Monday, September 2
“Well, I think that 20-30 tetri increase in price will not seriously change the number of smokers in Georgia. I do not believe as well that the decision was made through the recommendations of the Ministry of Healthcare as Finance ministry claims.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 26

“I am very angry on the current government of Georgia. They are similar to the previous one. It is more likely that they increase the price to gain more income. The economic situation in the country is very bad and people even do not have money to buy medicines. It will be better if they think on the issue and not about increase in cigarette cost.”
Medea, Housewife, 51

“This is nothing alarming. Cigarettes are not food, so I do not worry about the increase. It is more important price not to grow on products.”
Shalva, Manager, 34

“This decision does not serve the reduction in the number of smokers. The reason is simple- Nodar Khaduri needs more money.”
Dato, Driver, 31

“The main outcome of the decision will be that the smokers will move on to cheaper cigarettes and will damage their health more. Smokers will not give up smoking because of the small price increase.
Tamar, Painter, 29

“I agree with the decision. The higher the price is on alcohol and cigarette, the less sick people will walk in Georgia.”
Natia, Student, 19