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Friday, September 6
How free is the Georgian media?

Radio Tavisupleba reports that among the Eastern Partnership countries of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP), Georgia is among the leaders in terms of freedom of the press. This information is based on a study of the state of the media in Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The study assessed media outlets and journalists in each of the six countries in terms of their freedom from political bias and interference.

Radio Tavisupleba wonders how media freedom will influence the Vilnius Summit scheduled in November.

Political analyst Korneli Kakachia does not find it strange to see Georgia in the leading position among the Eastern Partnership states in terms of media freedom. He added that it is important to note what countries Georgia is being compared to.

"For example, if we compare Georgia with the Baltic States or other Eastern European countries we can immediately see how big the difference is." Kakachia stressed.

Media analyst Zviad Koridze thinks the relative freedom of the Georgian media might be important in assessing Georgia's chances of eventually joining the European Union at the upcoming Vilnius Summit.

Mathias Huter, representative of Transparency International Georgia, cautioned against getting too positive a view of the Georgian media. Huter explained that the advertising market in Georgia is small and that most media outlets either depend or belong to politicians.