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Which university in Georgia do you think is the best? Why?

Friday, September 6
I graduated from Tbilisi State University and I think it is really good by our standards. The professors are really good and it is more affordable than popular private universities, which will charge you twice as much for a BA degree."
Mary, legal associate, 26

"I love Tbilisi State University-it has very high academic standards. Ilia State University is also very good."
Nini, sociologist, 24

"I think Georgian University is the best. This is a university that offers high quality education, exchange programs and prospects for good jobs upon graduating. Students can also enjoy themselves and have fun."
Tata, BA student, 19

I have recently graduated from the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) and even though I have not yet found a job, I must say I gained valuable skills and experience. What I learned in my two plus years at GIPA would be relevant for any job in the print or electronic media. This is why I think GIPA is one of the best universities in Georgia. There are many opportunities for exchange programs and scholarships."
Elene, graduate, 26

"I think Georgian-American University and Tbilisi State University are the best at the moment, both have very qualified academic staff, which is the most important factor."
Sandro, MA student, 23

"GIPA is the best university in terms of challenges and opportunities for students. One can get scholarships and study for free, as well as have internships abroad, which of course is a good stimulus for students."
Keti, PR manager, 27