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Sergeenko meets Atik at the request of the Turkish Embassy

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, September 6
Davit Sergeenko, Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, met with the new owner of M. Iashvili Children's Central Hospital, Tekin Atik, who controls the Universal Hospital Group. This meeting was organized at the request of the Turkish Embassy.

The two sides met after recent developments at the Iashvili Hospital. Medical staff at the Iashvili Hospital have held a rally against the new owner of the hospital, accusing him of verbal and physical abuse.

During the meeting with Sergeenko, Atik shared his future plans with the minister. Sergeenko noted that the developments at Iashvili Hospital have no bearing on Georgian-Turkish relations. "This situation should not be generalized in the context of relations between Georgia and Turkey." the minister stated.

Atik apologized about the recent accident at the hospital. In response Sergeenko stated: "You are free in your choice to make investments in Georgia but there is no excuse for the threat you have created to health services for children in this country... what we have seen so far is totally unacceptable and thus we cannot talk about any long-term cooperation."

Atik could not immediately present his company's credentials to the minister and claimed he does not know Georgian legislation well. Sergeenko expressed surprise that an individual who plans to invest $20, 000,000 in Georgia has no idea about its laws.

Atik explained that he wanted to discuss with Sergeenko what reforms that should be carried out in the hospital. "However, the minister did not want to discuss this." Atik added.