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Statistic data on the number of visitors entering Georgia in August 2013

Thursday, September 12
Considering the high interest of the society, Ministry of Internal Affairs maintains its policy to publish the monthly results of statistic data on foreign visitors entering the state border of Georgia.

In August of this year, 770,608 visitors crossed the Georgian State border. To compare recent results with the previous year the number of visitors has increased by 28.2%.

During the January-August interval, the total number of visits amounted to 3, 568, 518. To compare the recent results with the same period of previous year the number of visitors has increased by 26.4%.

In accordance with the recently activated gradation scale the results are as follows:
A) Tourist 1,415,215 visits (total number has reached 40%. This is a year-on-year increase of 18.7%;
B) Transit 758,872 visits (total number has reached 21%. This is a year-on-year increase 61%;
C) Other 1,394,431 visits (total number has reached 39%, This is a year-on-year increase of 20%).

In August of 2013 the most visitors crossed into Georgia from Turkey (+25%), Azerbaijan (+21.9%), Armenia (+26.8%), Russian Federation (+44.2%), Ukraine (+59.3%) and Iran (-41.2%). A similar tendency is preserved in connection with countries within the European Union, where the number of tourists in the January-August period has substantially increased from Poland, Czech Republic, Austria (72%, 35% and 30% respectively). The number of tourists from middle Asia, namely from Kazakhstan has increased by 37%, while the number of tourists from Eastern Europe, from Belarus in particular has increased by 64%. (Police.Ge)