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What do you think of Koba Davitashvili’s parliamentary initiative that envisions the ban of UNM members to various official posts?

Thursday, September 12
”This is complete nonsense to me; Davitashvili’s idea crosses over all borders, draft laws offered by him sound like delirium. Someone must tell him about this.”
Nino, sociologist, 26

“What can I say? This is a nonsense… it is an idiotic statement.”
Davit, employed, 48

“Well, I think that such strict rules will be profitable for the state…Of course there are some members of the United National Movement who might have committed serious crimes and they should answer for them. However, this does not mean that all the former or current members of the UNM should answer for they were members of the UNM.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 26

“I do not like the initiative…why should they be prohibited to take official or high official positions?”
Ani, Language Specialist, 24

“First of all, the parliament should assess the period of the United National Movement as a totalitarian period and only after if the decision is made, such initiatives might be discussed.”
Zviad, Journalist, 27

“I’ve not heard of that initiative, but if he has proposed something similar, parliament should not approve it. We are trying to establish democracy in the country and we cannot accumulate all official posts in the hands of the ruling party. Moreover I think state officials should be from as many different parties as possible.”
Vaja, technician, 45

“This is so stupid. I do not support UNM, but trying to ban party members from taking particular posts is nothing near to any democratic principle.”
Kote, IT support, 26