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Do you watch the Georgian national football team play? What does it need to achieve success?

Friday, September 20
"I don't watch the Georgian team's games, mainly because I don't want to be upset. I don't know what should be done to improve their performances. Maybe they should pay younger players better so they aren't immediately sold to foreign clubs."
-Temo, journalist, 28

"The Georgian national team lacks experience, which is very important. A decent team is being created and future results will be better."
-Vakhtang, security specialist, 37

"I don't watch Georgian football or football in general. I don't like it."
-Irakli, chief-editor, 27

"I am not keen on football. I do sometimes watch the World Cup or the European Championships, however. As for Georgian football, I think that the main reason for such poor results is a lack of team spirit. Each footballer only thinks about himself during the game, which results in poor performances. Some countries' teams are in a worse financial state than we are and yet achieve results. I don't think money is the main problem."
-Lasha, musician, 31

"I never watch the national team as they have no chance of winning. They need more training."
-Ana, lecturer, 26

"I regularly watch the Georgian national team. I think the coach needs to choose players based on their skill and ability, rather than on their personality. Until this is achieved, our team will always underperform."
-Levan, student, 19

"I love football and of course I support our team, but it is not pleasant to follow Georgian football. Both club football and the national team are a disaster. We need better management in the federation, especially financial management and football clubs should recruit youngsters at an early age for free. Children should have a chance to develop their talent and become professional footballers."
Sandro, corporate lawyer, 27

"I used to watch all the national team's games, but I think I'm giving up on our team. The country cannot have a national team if the national league is not strong. We need more money invested in our local teams, to be able to build up a strong national team in the future."
Irina, associate professor, 32