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How healthy is your lifestyle? What is necessary for making your lifestyle healthy?

Tuesday, September 24
“I wake up at 8 am every morning and go to bed at 2 am… I hardly ever have solid breakfast and only drink a cup of tea for supper. I think this crazy way of life and will bring me to early death some day but I have no other choice as my everyday life is full of work and it is really difficult for me to sit down for a while and act like a normal person.”
Shalva, Analyst, 31

“I am trying to make my lifestyle healthier. Several months ago I was engaged in physical training. However, due to infectious disease I cannot train at the present moment. However, I bought a bicycle and train this way until final recovery.”
Temo, engineer, 29

“In general my lifestyle is healthy. I do not drink, I do not smoke but, recently I put on weight and I think that I need to start running or some other physical training. Unfortunately, I am lazy to get up in the morning and force myself to run.”
Mariam, student, 19

“I do not smoke and I do not drink much if there is not some special event. I used to have physical training as well. However, due to my job I fail to run or have additional physical trainings at the gym.”
Levan, aviation employee, 27