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Tbilisi city’s electrical system completely ready for winter

Tuesday, October 29
Telasi JSC is completely ready to work in the autumn-winter period of 2013-2014.

Such a conclusion was made by the Inter RAO special commission. The commission has handed over the relevant passport to Telasi.

The commission held the testing of readiness of Telasi's productive assets for the autumn-winter period from October 21 to 25.

Telasi starts preparation for the autumn-winter period every year in April.

This year a commission was established on the basis of the order of the company's CEO Sergei Kobtsev. The commission is responsible for the development and implementation of a corresponding plan.

Telasi has carried out repair and prevention works on switchgears at 110/35 and 10 kilovolt substations as part of this plan. The company has also carried out works on the modernization of the electrical transformer substations, maintenance and repair of 110 and 35 V transmission lines, as well as replaced obsolete 35/10/6 kV voltage air and cable power lines etc.

The purpose of all of the abovementioned works is to improve the reliability and efficiency of Tbilisi's electricity provision, as well as increasing the capacities for further development of the city's power network.

Along with this, the Telasi JSC and its technical staff have been provided with all necessary equipment and materials to prevent or minimize any technical incidents.