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Interlude – what will be next?!

By Salome Modebadze
Thursday, November 21
Five people with different views, passions and goals are sharing the same destination. Standing on the while “floor” with their eyes closed they manage to show off the state of their minds.

Is it a hotel, hospital, a mad-house? Or is it the state between life and death? Will they return to their ordinary lifestyles, or join the internal peace? “People call this a state of coma,” reads the introduction to the performance.

Actress Nino Burduli staged Intermedia (Interlude) after the original story by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt at Vaso Abashidze Music and Drama State Theatre. Merab Pipia’s translation of Schmitt’s novels received positive feedback from the audience.

Hosting traditional meetings the nights before the debut performances, the theatre united various theatre critics at its new colorful hall for discussions.

Burduli’s play shows how differently people react even at the most decisive times in life. Their reactions depend on what kind of person they are. Some people seek love, others – reject it. The same is with every new incentive. For example, a president of a business organization is not keen on flirting with a beautiful lady, as he has no time for that, while a magician can only smile at his beloved women happy with another man…

Praising her artistic skills, critics congratulated Burduli on her career as a stage director. However, their opinions about the performance differed.

Stressing that the play had awoken their imagination, some of art critics called Intermedia one of the best plays of the theatre in recent period, together with Maria Callas staged by the famous Georgian Director Robert Sturua at the Fabric Theatre and Women of Troy staged by young director of the Royal District Theatre Data Tavadze.

The artistic side of the performance from the lighting to costumes was impressive. The play follows the style of the modern theatre by introducing a style different from the traditional Georgian scenography.