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Assisting the disabled

Tuesday, December 3
After initialing the association membership document in Vilnius, Georgia proved its commitment to join the European family. In doing so, Georgia should comply with European standards in all directions.

In this regard it is very important that the government take substantial measures to safeguard the rights and privileges of disabled people.

One such initiative aimed at helping the disabled is the Rehabilitation and Social Adaptation Centre Aisi, which was established by Dr. Givi Chikobava.

The Aisi Centre aims to socialize and physically and mentally rehabilitate disabled people. The Aisi Centre gives classes that teach professional skills for disabled individuals.

The centre, which is located in Avtchala on the outskirts of Tbilisi, is designed to serve children and adults. It offers different types of therapeutic activities for disabled individuals

Its major task is to prepare disabled people for a future independent life. The personnel of the centre are grateful to government organizations who have allotted a building and a plot of land to the centre and have provided some financial support. However, this is not enough for the centre to meet all its goals.

The Aisi Centre wants to extend its gratitude to individuals who have donated money to the centre as well as certain organizations and private companies, such as the Georgian Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Protection, the Parliament of Georgia, the Turkish International

Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA), the Cartu Foundation, VTB Bank, the Polish ARI Foundation, the Ninotsminda Oil Company, the Toyota Center, the Davit Gagua Clinic, the National Center of Endocrinology, the Medi Club Georgia, Goodwill, the Tbilisi International Womenís Association (IWA) and others.

With their support the centre has renovated its premises in Avtchala. It has also been given a plot of land in Orkhevi, where construction of a green house is planned and where participants of the centerís programs will have an opportunity to acquire relevant skills.

The centre also gives consultations and advice to parents of disabled children and teaches them how not to make their childrenís situation worse. It also gives recommendations to schools in how to teach disabled children and give them a proper education. The center also plans to provide professional trainings and assist disabled individuals in finding work.

The centre has facilities for disabled individuals involved in art or drama therapy and other programs. Those who are interested in assisting the center will be kindly advised to contact Dr. Chikobava at +995 593 30 66 28 or