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Some results of the EU Association Agreement

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, December 3
Georgian analysts are intensively discussing the possible results of Georgia’s signing the full-range agreement with the European Union (EU). Supporters of this move think this is a step forward for Georgia and that the country will begin receiving all the benefits of free trade opportunities with EU member states.

Skeptics, however, think that not much will change as Georgia does not have much to offer Europe due to the poor quality of Georgian products, a lack of substantial quality control systems, etc.

Some analysts even say that Georgian products could be more easily promoted to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries rather than Europe. Despite the fact that Georgia is not a member of the CIS and until recently had a Russian embargo against its products, more than 70% of Georgian exports go to the CIS countries.

However, most analysts think that EU association membership will increase Georgia’s chances to improve its economy. A well-designed economic policy, support for the business sector, good management, and the overall goodwill of the government to improve the economic situation in the country will definitely bring some positive results.

So far, Georgia can offer agricultural products to the EU including wine, spirits, mineral water, juices, fruit and vegetable, etc. Farmers need support to improve and diversify their offerings to the West. Meanwhile, the government should encourage businesspeople to invest in Georgia so that the country will start producing products that are in line with European standards.

It is a serious challenge which the Georgian authorities should accept.