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Georgian “agenda” at

By Salome Modebadze
Friday, December 13
The new website was unveiled at the Tbilisi Marriott Hotel on December 11th. This is a website for anyone who does not know Georgian but wants to know Georgia better. Currently the website operates only in English, but six more languages will be added in the near future. These languages are: Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

Talking about the responsibility of being the editor-in-chief of a new website, Nata Amaglobeli explained the structure of, its pages and main focus. She said that will be active on all social networks but mostly on Twitter.

The project, created at the initiative of the Georgian government, aims to provide thorough and up to date information about developments in the country, from broad political issues to lifestyle and trivia. shares news from politics to sport. It tells ordinary people’s stories and gives in depth analysis of important topics. For those who want to start their days with positive news, a special page called Good news will be a nice stimulus.

“We show all colors of Georgian life In Pictures, and personal and emotional points of view in Blogs. Our journalists research the most interesting and important issues for Special reports and Life. We scan the whole world’s media with Press scanner to find content about Georgia for you.” an leaflet reads.

The head of the State Chancellery, Maia Tskitishvili, spoke of the importance of having a wide range of information in one place. “We understand that nobody has time to search everything today,” Tskitishvili said adding that will be a good source for everyone interested in Georgia. She said the website will make information about Georgia easily available to the world.

Complex issues will be supported by info graphics, important dates and events will be added to a timeline, while special events will be covered on individual pages.

To learn more about the new English language website, visit