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Folklore Centre director dismissed

By Natalie Osipovi
Monday, December 23
Giorgi Ushikishvili has been dismissed from his position as Director of the State Folklore Centre.

Ushikishvili thinks that this is just the beginning of a big battle.

“I was dismissed just because I have not signed one of the received letters. I have not done this because I was having a vacation. I do not think that this decision is lawful,” Ushikishvili said, expressing gratitude towards everyone for their support.

According to the main principles of the Internal Audit and Monitoring Department of the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia’s activities, a planned audit of the ministry’s departments is underway.

The ministry informed the media that the latest audit in the State Folklore Centre revealed various financial and legal infringements, which as a result, caused the dismissal of Ushikishvili.

Besides the mentioned infringements, the ministry explains that the majority of people connected with folklore have been dissatisfied with Ushikishvili’s “bad policies” as Ushikishvili used to make creative decisions unilaterally.

Ushikishvili is going to appeal the decision in court. According to him, the minister decided to dismiss him under the pressure of the Rustavi Ensemble. However, the founder of the ensemble, Anzor Erkomaishvili calls this absurd.