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Mandatory technical inspections for automobiles

By Messenger Staff
Monday, Febraury 3
It has been announced that from March 2015 the technical inspection of automobiles will begin. It is known that in 2004 Mikheil Saakashvili’s administration abolished the technical inspection of automobiles labeling it as a source for corruption.

After initialing the Association Agreement with the EU, Georgia will need to make it obligatory to inspect automobiles from 2019, so Georgian officials have declare that the technical inspection of vehicles will begin from 2015, so that in four years it should be compliant with European standards.

More than 90% of the automobiles in Georgia are older than 10 years and it can be assumed that most of these cars are faulty. Such cars cause damage to the environment. More than 70% of environmental pollution is caused by the exhaust pipes of cars.

This step has already caused discontent among car owners. For many of them who use cars as taxi cabs, the technical inspection will create extra problems, as the inspection of old cars will require extra money to repair them and of course it will be impossible for these people to afford to buy new cars.