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Georgia makes strong assessments

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, March 4
Georgia’s Special Envoy in relations with Russia Zurab Abashidze states that for Georgia it is completely unacceptable what is going on in Ukraine. Abashidze made the statement on March 3 and informed that his meeting with Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gergory Karasin was postponed through the latter’s initiative. Abashidze hoped that the meeting would be held on March 14.

“The Georgian Government has a very clear attitude. The violation of international norms and Ukrainian territorial integrity are completely unacceptable for us,” Abashidze said, appealing to the international community to urgently undertake effective measures for ending the violation.

Abashidze claims that the reason of putting off his meeting with Karasin was because of technical issues rather than politics.

“I hope we will meet on March 14. The meeting was postponed by Karasin’s initiative. Politics has nothing to do with it in this case. I think it was just a technical issue, related to his busy schedule,” Abashidze stated, noting that that key issues for the meeting would be de-occupation, and the return of refugees.

Meanwhile, Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Maia Panjikidze spoke with Ukraine’s Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrii Deshchytsia in a phone conversation on March 2.

Panjikidze expressed her deep concern about the developing situation in Ukraine and denounced Russia’s aggression toward a sovereign and independent Ukraine.

Member of the Georgian Dream Tina Khidasheli believes that the international response over the Ukrainian issues was a “bit belated”, as even a month ago it was clear that Russia would not be satisfied just with the role of observer. “However, there are many levers the international community can use now to mitigate Russia’s aggression,” Khidasheli states. She stresses that the American President’s reaction was the most adequate towards Ukraine. The MP stated that the international community should use all “levers” for stopping Russia.

“In the case of isolation Russia would be more dangerous,” Khidasheli says, noting that Russia uses the same scheme as it used concerning the Georgian occupied regions.

Member of the opposition United National Movement Davit Darchiashvili, states that unlike Georgia, the international community had a more timely reaction to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Founder of Georgia’s Reforms Associates and former Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergi Kapanadze believes that Russia would understand that it will have to pay for its military provocations.

“There are two ways that might work the best: full consolidation of the international community and Ukrainian people and the government’s strong resistance against Putin,” Kapanadze says.

Analyst Tornike Sharashenidze states that in the case that Russia does not act reasonably, the outcome for the Russia would be disastrous.