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Strip-tease at the Royal District Theatre

By Mariam Mchedlidze
Wednesday, April 9
Strip-tease is the name of the stage performance directed by Nika Tavadze. It has been performed at the Royal District Theatre for a couple of years. The name is not trivial as it is very symbolic.

The uniqueness of the performance absconds behind the freedom, fully given to the audience in terms of conceiving and realizing unusual scenes individually. In the play appear two young stray men who quarrel how not to become influenced by external factors which try to hedge our free lives or mentality.

A circle created on the stage gives us a clue to think that we complain about limits that we put on ourselves. These limits become hard to get rid of later. The desire to get out of this circle rises, but it becomes hard and harmful at the same time.

The environment is created in the way that gives onlookers comfort to judge the ideas and link the symbols to real life we live in.

Why is one ready to refuse his freedom in exchange for safety? Didnít he fight enough for it? Or was he just not able to notice specific things in his mentality? These are the questions that I, as a part of the audience had while leaving the theatre.

Guests of The Royal District Theatre will enjoy finding the answers to the very specific and often asked questions.