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Rally in front of Ministry of Education and Science

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, April 9
The teachers and students of public school No. 53 held a rally in front of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia on Tuesday, demanding the restoration of Mariam Raminashvili at the position of headmistress of the school.

Raminashvili was dismissed on April 7 upon the order of the Minister of Education and Science, Tamar Sanikidze, allegedly for a financial violation – the reason which the school staff and students put under question.

Calling Raminashvili the best headmistress they have ever had at school, the students, their parents and teachers said that Raminashvili has never distanced herself from students; she is always close to them and has direct communication.

With the slogans “Minister - restore justice,” “Minister – the liar,” “Restore our headmistress” the protesters demanded a meeting with the minister. However, the head of the administration of the ministry, Karlo Kervalishvili, asked them to create an initiative group responsible for attending the meeting. But the protesters refused.

“They do not want to cooperate, and meeting with the full staff is just impossible,” Kervalishvili then stated.

The ministry named Eka Gakharia as acting headmistress of public school No 53. However, the students claim they will not let anyone apart from Raminahsvili enter their school as a headmistress.

According to the teachers, Raminashvili was first fired and then received the minister’s warning.

Raminashvili said she should not have been dismissed. However, she added that she is against rallies. She said the children must not be taking part in protest rallies.

“I am too young to end my career, that is why I need to prove that I am right,” Raminashvili stressed.