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The Russian dream to revive the USSR

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, April 17
Today Russia is taking a break from its neo-imperialistic mood. Such feelings domineer not only in the political spectrum, but also among the majority of the Russian population.

They are thrilled not only because of the fact that Russia has snatched Crimea from Ukraine, but with the prospect of continuing the same moves in regard to the eastern parts of Ukraine. Moreover, certain moves have been made by Russia to restore the Soviet Union.

A group of Russian MPs are submitting a request to the Russian General Prosecutorís office to initiate a lawsuit against the people who facilitated the disintegration of the Soviet Union and punish them.

The first person on the list is Mikhail Gorbachev.

The authors of the appeal to the Prosecutor General are two MPs from Russian President Vladimir Putinís Edinaya Rossia (United Russia), two MPs from the Communist Party of Russia and one from the Russian Liberal Democratic Party.

The MPs insist in the appeal that Gorbachev was a criminal who acted under the orders from a foreign country. Therefore, the disintegration of the Soviet Union was illegal and people involved in this action should be punished.

The 83 year-old Gorbachev currently resides in Germany. He responds to the Russian MPs who label him a criminal as ďadventurers.Ē According to Gorbachev, he was against the dissolution of the USSR, but rather wanted to maintain the Soviet Union through its modernization. However, his plan did not work.

In reality, the figure most responsible for the disintegration of the USSR was the late Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

Today, Russians feel nostalgic towards the Soviet Union. Russian President Putin once stated that the disintegration of the union was a geopolitical catastrophe.

Putin is trying his best to reintegrate the former Soviet Republic and is reviving the idea of the Soviet Union.

Initially, the Soviet Union was created by using force. For example, Georgia was an independent country. It declared its independence in 1918 and on May 7, 1920, a treaty was concluded between independent Georgia and Bolshevik Russia. Nevertheless, just ten months later, Russia launched a military attack on Georgia, occupying it and its neighbors Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The Soviet Union was built on a system of lies, fear, punishment, bloodshed, lack of information, spying on one another, and other ugly methods and motifs.

For around 30 years, the ethnically Georgian Joseph Stalin ruled over the Soviet Union, creating a powerful system that lasted for more than 30 years after his death.

The collapse of the Soviet Union has been determined by different factors and it is stupid to blame either Gorbachev or anyone else personally for its dissolution. In reality, these developments were inevitable because ideologically and economically the union was dying.

Therefore, the recent initiative of the Russian Duma members is doomed to failure. The corpse of the Soviet Union cannot be reanimated, although it is a reality that Putin is willing to take on the challenge. However, the Russian Federation has already started revising the borders between the currently independent states as it has done with Georgia and Ukraine.

In fact, Russiaís latest neo-imperialistic steps are indirectly preparing the collapse of Russia itself. By disintegrating its neighboring countries through creating ethnic arguments, Russia is undermining its own statehood. Everybody knows that Russia has more than 30 ethnic entities on its territory. These are ethnic autonomous republics, regions, and districts, where the spirit of disintegration and separation from Russia is slowly increasing. And the Kremlinís steps towards disintegration of neighboring countries will certainly backfire on Russia itself.