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Jubilee of National Training Center Krtsanisi

Thursday, April 24
National Training Center Krtsanisi marked its 17th anniversary on April 22. The solemn ceremony was held at the drill ground of the training center. Deputy Chief of General Staff of GAF Colonels Vladimer Chachibaia and Roman Jokhadze congratulated the personnel of Krtanisi on its jubilee.

National Training Center Krtsanisi was established on the base of Iaghluja under the order of the Defence Minister on April 22, 1997. Since 2002 U.S. instructors have been units by the GTEP on the area of the Center. They have since trained 5 Georgian battalions.

For the development the professional skills of servicemen, the National Training Center organizes various trainings and basic training courses for recruiters.

Since 2009, the National Training Center has begun its ISAF mission pre-deployment trainings for Georgian battalions.

National Training Centre Krtsanisi has also established a Simulation Centre, where soldiers can hold virtual exercises in manning armies and managing operations. Besides, the Training Centre can also offer the participants exercises with “Miles” simulation devices.