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Car export to possibly stop in Armenia

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, April 24
Businesspeople involved in the re-export of vehicles from Georgia to Armenia express their concern that this business will die after Armenia joins the Eurasian/Customs Union on April 29.

After this date economic conditions will be as such: purchasing American, European, Japanese and Korean made cars will become more expensive in Armenia, whereas sale of Russian-made automobiles will become easier as there will be no customs duty obligations.

So, Armenia, as well as Kazakhstan and Belarus, as members of the Customs Union will become a favorable market for Russian cars.

Definitely, the Georgian businesspeople and dealers involved in the re-export of cars predict the death of the business taking Kazakhstan as an example, which before joining the Russian-led union was the number one country for receiving world-made brand cars from Georgia, whereas today the re-export of cars from Georgia to Kazakhstan has practically stopped.