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Russian passports to be distributed to other countries through Russian tanks

By Messenger Staff
Friday, April 25
Russian foreign ministry has already openly aired the country’s decision to militarily protect its citizens who live in other countries. The first test of this formula was exercised by Moscow against Georgia at its breakaway territory of South Ossetia. At that time, Russia distributed its passports among the Georgian population of Ossetian and Russian ethnicity in Tskhinvali region, then provoked military clashes and as a result entered Georgian territory with heavy armour.

The Kremlin used similar technologies against Ukraine in the region of Crimea and the same is happening in the eastern part of Ukraine and as they say, something similar is being prepared in the Georgian region of Javakheti as well as in Moldova

The Russian Federation, through its foreign minister, has disseminated its position that if Russian citizens are oppressed in other countries, the Russian military will protect their legal interests as they did in South Ossetia. Moscow also claims that this is in compliance with international legislation and that an attack on Russian citizens means an attack on Russia.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s warning aims at encouraging separatism in the eastern regions of Ukraine where the Ukrainian government has currently started the restoration of constitutional order.

However, the Russian position is not only targeted against Ukraine, it might also involve other former Soviet Union member states as well as any other country where a group of Russian ethnicity could be found who will illegally obtain Russian citizenship and passports, then organize some kind of provocation and start yelling for help. This will be a sufficient ground for the Russian Federation to send their troops to rescue Russians by occupying the relevant territory of another country.

We can give fantasy a go and suppose that people of Russian ethnicity in Alaska may also receive Russian passports and eventually ask for Russian troops to rescue them. The same scenario could be played in Brighton Beach in New York where as they say there are plenty of US citizens of Russian origin, or even somewhere in Australia, or any other country around the world where a couple of dozens of Russians can gather and create disorder and chaos.

This all could be orchestrated from Moscow through its special services which have strong links around the globe.

Of course, the above-mentioned examples are an exaggeration of reality, but knowing the current Russian politics there would be no surprise if the situation develops similar to this direction.

Besides, it is easy to imagine what a chaos will take place if other countries will also start practicing this mode of politics.

This kind of threat is less possible in the wealthy American or European countries. It is mostly targeted against the poor states where the population faces a difficult life. For instance, the citizens of many former Soviet Union states are attracted by the certain advantages they might receive if they become Russian citizens.

Russian citizens residing outside the Russian Federation can receive Russian pensions, which are more than 300 USD a month. They can travel to the Russian Federation and throughout the country without a visa having the chances to find employment there.

However, Georgian legislation doesn’t allow for double citizenship. Only in an exceptional situation does the state constitution allow the president to grant Georgian citizenship to a citizen of another country. As for the legislation, if a Georgian citizen becomes the citizen of another country, he/she automatically loses Georgian citizenship. This procedure might take three months.

From September 1, 2014 foreign citizens can receive a six-year permit for permanent residency in Georgia. So, Georgian citizens who aim at receiving Russian citizenship should understand the problems they will face if they receive a citizenship of another country.

Georgian officials should carry out special educational activities to warn those who seek other countries’ citizenship about the possible problems he/she will face; as for Russia’s claims on the new regulations concerning its citizens living abroad, this is a vivid demonstration of Russia’s imperialistic claims.