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Travel through Georgian history with Kopala Hotel

By Mariam Mchedlidze
Monday, April 28
For anyone who decides to travel through Georgian history, which is full of ancient culture and lots of interesting traditions, Porakishvili’s Hall is one of the best places to visit. The hall is an old building that might have been used for receptions and celebrations by aristocrats dating back to the 17th century. It is a unique historical structure with an interior full of character. Such types of halls were also used by the lower classes to live with their big families and they can be seen anywhere in Georgia.

Porakishvili’s Hall is an old-style Georgian building located next to the Kopala Hotel. Inside the hall there is a fireplace in the middle of the room, which instantly reminds visitors of the Georgian tradition of preparing national dishes. On the pillars there are carvings of both Christian and pagan symbols. The walls of the hall contain several shelves, cupboards and closets.

Today, Porakishvili’s hall offers its guests exhibits of ethnographic, and applied arts.

This creates a very specific vintage environment. Guests can also listen to the unique recordings of the Georgian song treasury.

There is also old theatrical stage with an auditorium that can seat 100 people. On special occasions, mono plays are staged, films are shown, and lectures on interesting topics are conducted. This theatrical room is attracting one with various old musical instruments.

In the hall there is a place for storing wine called Marani, which Georgia is famous for. Here you are able to see old pitchers that were used for storing wine. This tradition is also alive in today’s Georgian culture.

Kopala’s doors and Porakishvili Hall are always open for visitors who are interested in Tbilisi’s historical places and are eager to get familiar with the local culture.