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Wednesday, May 28
New network connects Georgian diaspora

They may be separated by land and sea but Georgian natives living abroad will soon be able to connect with each other.

The Prime Minister of Georgia today announced a new global network had been created to connect Georgian diaspora living all over the globe.

The network will be called, said PM Garibashvili at the opening of the Georgian Diaspora Days 2014 Conference.

"I want to greet our compatriots living abroad. Today we once again express our respect and love towards them – the ones who live far away from Georgia but are an integral part of the country,” Garibashvili said in his welcoming speech.

"We created a new strategy [to connect] diaspora. For the purpose of encouraging communication and by using modern technology, a new global network of compatriots has been created, through which collecting accurate data will be possible.

"In addition, an online school has been created within this project. This will give our compatriots the possibility to study Georgian language and literature over the internet,” he said. (

Alasania’s appeal not yet discussed

The Georgian side raised Georgia’s Defence Minister Irakli Alasania’s initiative about deployment of “air defense and anti-armor capabilities of NATO in Georgia” at the NATO-Georgia Commission session, Deputy Minister of Defence of Georgia Mikheil Darchiashvili said on Monday.

“The NATO-Georgia Commission session took place in Brussels about two weeks ago. We discussed the bilateral cooperation issues between Georgia and NATO as well as future plans. We discussed all the important issues that are related to regional security, as well as Georgia’s security. The Georgian side raised Alasania’s initiative about deployment of air-defense and anti-armor capabilities of NATO in Georgia”, but this issue has not been discussed yet. Of course, our message is not directed against any country”, Mikheil Darchiashvili said. (

The Red Cross invites Argentinean experts to Tbilisi

The Georgian government has taken a decision to open the Dighomi brother`s cemetery after the Abkhazian puppet regime has organized the transfer of the bodies of 31 Georgians buried on Babushera airdrome. The Red Cross has invited Argentinean experts to provide exhumation and identification of the bodies, which were buried on the Dighomi cemetery of brothers.

If the expertise confirms the identity of Abkhaz warriors, then the Georgian side will organize the transfer of the bodies to Abkhazia. Arguably, 23 Abkhaz warriors were buried in Dighomi cemetery of brothers in Tbilisi.

The final identification of the 31 bodies, which were transferred from Babushera to Tbilisi a week ago under the agreement achieved by the Georgian government and the puppet regime, will be completed in six months. (Rustavi 2)

Court acquits Davit Kezerashvili on alcohol smuggling charges

The Tbilisi City Court has acquitted former Defence Minister Davit Kezerashvili of alcohol smuggling charges. Kezerashvili was accused of alcohol smuggling and of taking 13 million as a bribe. The defendant did not plead guilty.

On the basis of a demand from the Georgian side, businessman Davit Kezerashvili was detained in France, on October 15, 2013. The French judge refused to extradite the businessman back to his home land and set him free.

As for the cases launched against Kezerashvili in Georgia, there are three cases brought before the court. One case is related to alcohol smuggling, the second one is about Imedi TV and alienation of Rike territory and the third one concerns squandering of about 5 million euros from the budget along with Alexandre Ninua, the Head of the Sales Department of the Defence Ministry. (Ipn)

Maia Panjikidze pays a visit to the U.S.

Georgia’s Foreign Minister, Maia Panjikidze, has gone on a business trip to the U.S. As InterPressNews has been notified from the Ministry of Foreign affairs, the Minister plans to wrap up her visit to the country on 30 May. Within the frames of her visit, Mrs. Panjikidze is expected to hold meetings with different representatives of the UN; the parties will discuss a wide range of acute issues as well as future prospects and possibilities to broaden relations. Maia Panjikidze will offer the UN member states all current information on Georgia’s priorities as well as the reforms that have been passed in our country. The Foreign Minister of Georgia will also meet with U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Samantha Power. Within the visit, the Minster is also expected to attend a festive reception ceremony which is dedicated to Georgia’s Independence Day and is planned to be held in New-York and Washington. (InterPressNews)

Vehicles stuck in traffic jam at Azerbaijani-Russian border due to landslide in Georgia

Vehicles have been stuck in a traffic jam at the Azerbaijani-Russian border since this morning, eyewitnesses told Trend.

Reportedly, the traffic jam was formed because of obstructions on Georgian roads, which were caused by the collapse of a huge rock mass into the Terek River in Dariali Gorge, which is close to Georgia's border with Russia.

One eyewitness said trucks crossing the Georgian-Russian border were forced to change their route and try to arrive to Georgia via Azerbaijan.

The large flow of vehicles also caused delays at the Azerbaijani-Russian customs area, resulting in a long queue of dozens of vehicles on both sides of the border, one of the witnesses added.

Georgia's Revenue Service (a body combining the functions of taxes and customs authorities) told Trend that the work at the Kazbegi Customs Checkpoint (also called Upper Lars Checkpoint from Russian side) has been suspended and the area around the checkpoint has been cordoned off.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Georgian customs service announced that the Kazbegi Customs Checkpoint will resume its work in the weeks to come, adding that special equipment is being deployed at the disaster site to this end.

The Georgian media reported that cars and transit trailers moving towards the Georgian-Russian border have been trapped under the rock mass which collapsed on May 17 near the Gveleti village.

The falling rocks also blocked up the entrance to a tunnel of a water power plant, which is currently under construction in Dariali.

Aside from that, the rockslide damaged the main gas pipeline, resulting in cessation of the Russian gas deliveries to Armenia through Georgia. (