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Merkel rejects Georgia’s MAP aspirations

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, June 5
Dreams of NATO’s Membership Action Plan (MAP) have attracted the attention of the Georgian population again. Some people still believe that Georgia would receive the long-awaited MAP. However, Georgia’s leadership got a cold shower from the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She stated on June 2 that Georgia should not count on receiving MAP at NATO Wales summit this year.

Georgia has desperately been waiting at NATO’s door for MAP since 2008. The country has obediently tried to fulfill all the obligations demanded by the Alliance. Georgia has participated in several NATO peacekeeping missions, held transparent elections and has formed an active civil society. Georgia is diligently doing its home-work. Nevertheless, there is no MAP for Georgia.

Georgia’s previous administration had assured the population that the country had already received something greater than MAP. Of course, it was nonsense. Moreover, based on many analysts, not receiving MAP in 2008 encouraged Russia to launch the August 2008 War. Georgia’s new administration continued the country’s move to the West.

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly declaration adopted several days ago gave optimism to Georgian hopes. However, Merkel’s cold shower put reality in front of Georgia. Merkel aired the opinion of some other NATO member countries as well. Even one country against would be enough for rejecting Georgia’s interests, as NATO decisions are made unanimously.

Georgia’s leadership is frustrated and confused as well, as they have to answer to the Georgian population, explain the situation and calm them down, as many in Georgia are concerned about the possibility of Russia’s aggressive moves against Georgia, especially in light of the Crimean developments. People keep repeating that we would not be granted MAP, as such action would irritate Russia. Moscow knows that. Meanwhile, Georgia is protecting global security around the world, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now in Central Africa. Yet we do not have any guarantees of our own security. Twenty percent of Georgian territory is occupied by Russia, and Russian tanks are standing in 40 km from Tbilisi. Defense Minister Alasania asked NATO to deploy defencive weapons on Georgian territory, which would be better than MAP. However, there has only been silence. So, why should we strive for NATO if the organization only distances itself from us? If fear of irritating Russia is so strong that it influences NATO decisions, maybe Georgia will itself go under Russian protection.

Something definitely will become clear after the Wales summit. Three months are left.