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Thursday, June 12
Giorgi Kapanadze – we were made to purchase assets in Gudauri

According to businessman Giorgi Kapanadze, he was made to purchase assets in Gudauri with Vano Merabishvili’s commitment for 10 million Euros and give it back to the state for one US dollar a year later. Businessman Giorgi Kapanadze stated this on the TV program “Time for Politics” on Imedi TV. Also, as per Kapanadze, he paid 50,000 GEL to Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava via Giorgi Ghoniashvili.

“In 2010, with Vano Merabishvili’s commitment we were made to purchase assets in Gudauri, the “Marco Polo’’ Hotel. We were not interested in this business at all. It was not our profile but we had some alternatives: potato plots, some car tire enterprises, etc. We are good at skiing and preferred a winter resort. It permanently lasted sometimes by Vano Merabishvili, Zurab Adeishvili and Bendukidze. Then Gigi Ugulava appeared. We were made to purchase Gudauri assets for10 million Euros and a year later Gigi Ugulava contacted our partner, Ilia Kokaia and stated that we should give these assets back for one USD. My partner agreed as we had no way out according to our experience. As we know, it was “driveling’’ Saakashvili’s commitment. I cannot mention Saakashvili otherwise as he is a criminal,” – Kapanadze said.

According to him once he was forced to give Gudauri assets back, the former government offered Tbilisi Sea territory with the obligation of investments of 5 million, but his company did not meet this obligation and Tbilisi City Hall fined him 200,000 USD.

“Our company did not complete its obligations as it was purposeless in the conditions of their government. They would deprive us of it still. We were committed to pay a 200,000 GEL fine. The present government tries to promote everyone and free them from paying such fines. But I could do nothing during the previous government except freeing myself from this fine if I could pay 50,000 GEL. I gave this sum to Ghoniashvili. There is total proof of this. Ghoniashvili gave a bribe to Gigi Ugulava,” – Kapanadze said. (IPN)

EPP concerned on specific facts in election campaign

The European People`s Party has expressed its concern regarding the numerous facts of refusal on registration for opposition candidates in Georgia. Party leader Joseph Daul said these facts are alarming.

`The barring of a senior opposition candidate for running as governor and the reported acts of violence against leading figures of Georgia’s main opposition party is particularly alarming. Failure to put an end to these worrying campaign incidents will seriously harm Georgia’s reputation in Europe and the Georgian people’s aspiration for a European future,` Daul said. (Rustavi 2)

The Central Election Commission Introduced Information to the Civil Sector on Its Activities for Persons with Disabilities

On June 10, the Chairperson of the Central Election Commission held the meeting with the representatives of civil sector and media. At the meeting Ms. Zhvania presented the information on the CEC activities carried out to ensure equal election environment for the persons with disabilities for June 15, 2014 municipal elections. Nermin Nisic Chief of Party of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) discussed the importance of the involvement of persons with disabilities in electoral processes. The projects are implemented with financial support of IFES and the Training Center.

For 2014 municipal elections the number of the election precincts adapted for persons with disabilities all over Georgia amount to 460. In seven cities mobile groups will assist persons using wheelchairs and movement impaired voters. At the election precincts hard of hearing voters will have opportunity of using portable computers and watch the film on participation in polling accompanied with sign language. In 3,636 election precincts the visually impaired voters will be able to be assisted with the special lens sheets. In addition, the CEC prepared a TV spot to increase the participation of the persons with disabilities in elections. The video is aired by central and regional TV and Radio broadcasters.

The above mentioned activities are implemented in line with the action plan elaborated by the working group on the issues regarding persons with disabilities. (,ge)

German expert missing in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, Georgia

No trace has been found of missing German expert 73-year-old Hans Hoeple. He went missing three days ago.

73-year-old Hans Hoeple, last was seen on June 8, near the territory of Sametskhvario and Lomismta, in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, Georgia.

Frontnews applies to anyone who has information on the above-mentioned, please contact any police station. (Frontnews)


Georgian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Davit Jalaghania met with the Italian Ambassador Federico Favi. The two sides discussed the issues of bilateral relations.

In addition, an attention was paid to the matter related to the signing of the agreements with the cities of the occupied Abkhazia and Italy. The Ambassador confirmed Italy’s firm support towards the sovereignty and the policy of non-recognition of the occupied territories of Georgia and stated that the signing of the agreements is a violation of Italian legislation and accordingly, the Italian government does not consider it justifiable. (