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K2K to Support Wounded Military

Thursday, June 19
In support of the wounded soldiers, the British military veteran is carrying out a trip from Kabul to Kennels via motor-bike. Within the frames of the expedition, Chris Short met with the Georgian soldiers wounded in action for the territorial integrity of Georgia and while performing international missions and shared his experience with them.

The goal of the expedition launched by the Royal Marines veteran is to demonstrate support towards the military wounded in various combat activities, to encourage them to reintegrate into civilian life.

Military veteran Chris Short is travelling together with a film director who is going to direct a documentary film about his expedition. He will have to stay in 17 countries including Georgia (for two days).

Chris Short used to lead the U.S. Department of Defense and UN security operations in Afghanistan for seven years. Currently he is in charge of a private Advisory Security Service in Afghanistan. In 2006 he had to leave the Royal Marines due to health problems after 8 years of military service.