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Military Police Day

Thursday, June 19
The Military Police Department of the Georgian Armed Forces marked its 9th anniversary on June 15. The solemn ceremony was held at the Defence Ministry. The MoD military band opened the event by performing the Georgian national anthem. MP personnel and the guests delivered a minute of silence to commemorate the Georgian soldiers fallen during service duty.

Deputy Defence Ministers Irakli Gegechkori, Varlam Avaliani and Alex Batiashvili congratulated military policemen on their professional day. Chief of General Staff of the GAF, Major-General Vakhtang Kapanadze and Head of Military Police Department, Colonel Kakhaber Chikhradze attended the ceremony as well.

The MP personnel were rewarded with the service medals of Defence Ministry. 13 military policemen received medals “Devoted to Homeland” for their service in strengthening country’s defence capability. 5 military were awarded by medals “General Kvinitadze” for the achieved success in combat preparation and maintaining high combat readiness in the army. 13 representatives of the MP Department got medals “Participating in Peacekeeping Operations” for their part in ISAF mission. 5 MPs were rewarded for their honorable service in defence system. 41 civil servants of MP Department, as well as 28 military and personnel with special ranks received letters of appreciation under the order of Defence Minister and Chief of General Staff of the GAF.

Military Police Department of the Georgian Armed Forces was established on the base of military commandant’s office in 2005. Currently the reforming process in MP Department is underway. New structure is creating in the unit aimed to strengthen military components. The MP personnel have been ongoing four month long retraining course in order to improve their professional qualification. MP personnel also participated in the peacekeeping mission in Iraqi Freedom operation and took part in ISAF mission as well. The representatives of MP unit are also sent to EU-led mission (EUFOR RCA) in the Republic of Central Africa.