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Basic Mountain Training Summer Course

Thursday, June 19
Basic Mountain Training Summer Course is underway in Sachkhere Mountain Training School under the NATO's Partnership for Peace (PFP) program. 20 Cadets of the U.S. Reserve Officers Training Corps and 20 students of Davit Agmashenebeli National Defence Academy are participating in the course. The trainings launched on June 2 and will continue till June 23. During the course the participants are improving their mountain-technical skills.

During the Basic Mountain Training Summer Course American and Georgian cadets performed various mountain-technical tasks with the assistance of Georgian instructors. The third week will be focused on practical exercises. The participants will pass special tests.

During the course cadets will learn the crossing technique over mountains, high mountains, rivers and ravines. They also practiced in providing first medical aid and technical methods for providing evacuation.

Successful graduates will be awarded with the relevant certificates after completion of the training. After graduating Basic Mountain Training Summer Course foreign partners will have opportunity to attend further stage of summer and winter courses in Sachkhere Mountain Training School.