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Government denies rumors of electricity fee increase

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, July 17
Georgian PM Irakli Gharibashvili said that the electricity fee will stay the same.

“We do not plan to increase the electricity tariff and the information was spread just to mislead the population,” Gharibashvili stated.

According to the PM, ungrounded statements were made about the topic on July 15.

According to the Minister of Energy Kakha Kaladze, he spoke with the heads of the Georgian National Energy Regulation Commission (GNERC).

“The electricity tariff will not increase. GNERC is now counting the tariffs. But I am sure we will maintain the tariff that was established when we took office and reduced it by 4 Tetris,” Kaladze stated.

According to the statements made by the electricity provider ENERGO-PRO Georgia on July 15, if Georgia wants to improve in terms of the electricity field, the fee should go up.

ENERGO-PRO informed that the company has elaborated an investment package that envisages a 100 million GEL investment in three-year term.

“If you want refined webs and provision, the investment will require an increase in price,” the company leadership states.

GNERC is discussing the elaboration of a new methodology regarding tariff policy in the energy sector. It will become known soon whether the new methodology changes the tariff or not.

The head of the GNERC Irina Milorava said that the new tariff will go into effect from September.

“I cannot say if the tariff will increase or decrease for now. The working process is still in progress,” stated Milorava.

Deputy Minister of Energy Mariam Valishvili claims that the new methodology is balanced and will give corresponding guarantees to investors.

“We all want much investment in the country. The growth will be minimal and I think government will be able to cover the increase itself,” Valishvili stated.

The presentation of the new rules of the tariff as per the proposed methodology on July 15 was attended by energy companies and experts.