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Thursday, July 24
Georgian journalists safe after Israel missile alert

Georgian journalists in Tel Aviv Airport were rushed into an emergency shelter after an emergency situation developed in Israel's capital city.

Hamas attempted to carry out missile strikes on the airport yesterday and Georgian journalists, along with other passengers, were taken to a special shelter after a warning alarm signal was activated.

Georgian media representatives were in Israel to cover the official visit of Georgian Parliament Speaker David Usupashvili.

A flight from Georgia, which had Usupashvili on board, landed at Tel Aviv Airport several minutes before the alarm sounded.

The Georgian journalists said they were allowed to leave the special shelter after the missile strike threat had passed. Currently, media members are in Jerusalem.

Meanwhile Usupashvili will begin his meetings today. Within his official visit, he will meet the newly elected President of Israel as well as other high officials.

In addition, he will deliver a speech in Knesset and address members of Israel's Parliament and the country's people. (

CEC Summarizes Runoff Local Elections Results

Central Election Commission (CEC) summarized on Tuesday final vote tally of the July 12 second round runoffs of mayoral races in eight cities and Gamgebeli posts in thirteen municipalities won by Georgian Dream candidates.

Elected mayors, including the one of capital city Tbilisi, as well as gamgebelis who won runoffs on July 12 will be authorized to take offices from August 2, according to CEC. (

Only five ministries bought expensive cars in 2013 – IDFI

According to Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI), only five ministries bought expensive cars in 2013.

“In 2013, the Ministry of Defence of Georgia bought 30 expensive cars worth GEL 874 500; The Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia bought 3 expensive cars worth GEL 57 879; the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development of Georgia bought one expensive car worth GEL 84 545; The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs bought 22 expensive cars worth GEL 212 805 and the Ministry of Education and Science bought 13 expensive cars worth GEL 467 089”, says the statement released by IDFI. (Frontnews)

U.S. ambassador hopes for good cooperation with new cabinet

The ambassador of the United States to Georgia, Richard Norland hopes to have good cooperation with the new members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Georgia. Richard Norland commented on the cabinet reshuffle, saying the U.S. government would continue its support to Georgia as it moves forward to stabilize economics.

`We`ve had excellent cooperation with all of the ministers and now we look forward to meeting the new ministers, we will be taking over their responsibilities once they have all been announced. Clearly in the wake of the political season, the election season that we`ve gone through; we are on a position now to support Georgia as it moves forward, intensifies the economic agenda to stabilize the investment environment. We are expecting to have good cooperation with the new ministers too, ` the ambassador said. (Rustavi 2)

A new Air Traffic Control Center being built in Tbilisi

The construction of a new Air Traffic Control Center is starting in Tbilisi. A capsule in the basement of the center was placed today by Minister of Economy, Giorgi Kvirikashvili, newly elected Mayor of Tbilisi, Davit Narmania and Deputy of Tbilisi City Council, Guliko Zumbadze.

In the words of Minister of Economy, Giorgi Kvirikashvili, the newly constructed center will be equipped with advanced technology which will be in line with international standards elaborated by “Ikao”. According to Mr. Kvirikashvili, an international tender to purchase new equipment for air traffic control will be declared in autumn, this year. The tender will presumably total 9 million Euros.

This air traffic control center will guarantee safe flights in the air space controlled by Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi as well as all of Georgia.

MIA issues statistics on domestic violence in Georgia

Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has promulgated statistics on domestic violence in Georgia. As MIA informs, in 2007-2014, 1102 cases of violence have occurred in our country.

Men have proven to be more inclined to aggression than women; aggressive men outnumber the females by a wide margin -- the number of aggressive men runs up to 1,014, while only 82 members of the weaker sex have proven prone to aggression during this period of time. Over the 7 year period, only 117 men have become victims of violence, while the number of women having been subjected to physical or psychological violence reportedly hit 1,010. (Interpressnews)