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Vista Georgia obtains "Boeing" for flights from Tbilisi

Friday, July 25
Vista Georgia Airline received a Boeing 737-300 for flights from Tbilisi, according to Dubai based Aerovista provider company.

Flights to Georgia’s neighboring countries will be implemented in the summer of 2014, the website of the company reported. Flights will cover Kiev, Moscow and Almaty.

The Georgian Civil Aviation Administration website informed that Vista Georgia asked the administration about the organization of regular Tbilisi-Minsk- Tbilisi and Tbilisi -Tel Aviv-Tbilisi flights.

The Georgian National Agency of Public Registry said that, at present, 49 per cent share of Vista Georgia belongs to Russian citizen Angelika Lakhyalova and 51 percent to Anna Safarova. Until 2010, the company was wholly owned by Lali Bolkvadze. (