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Rasmussen outlines several aspects of NATO Georgia’s NATO package

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, September 3
A few days before the summit in Wales, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen mentioned Georgia during his briefing about the alliance plans for the future. He reiterated that Georgia would receive a new package at the Summit in Wales, which would bring the country closer to the alliance.

NATO Secretary General outlined the main points included in the new package offered to Georgia. According to NATO officials, the package includes more intensive involvement of Georgian soldiers in the NATO exercises and the possibility of holding training in Georgia.

“The Georgia package will definitely bring Georgia closer to NATO,” Rasmussen claims.

He stressed that the alliance will establish a defense capacity-building mission in Georgia with a particular focus on the Ministry of Defense, and will assist Georgia in its continued reforms and modernization of the defense and security sector.

“Next, we will step-up our efforts to improve the ability of the Georgian Armed Forces to work and operate together with NATO forces, including through more Georgian participation in NATO exercises,” He said.

As the third possibility, Rasmussen cited military exercises that might also be organized in Georgia, in particular with regard to engaging NATO partners in such exercises.

“Fourth, we are also considering the establishment of a military training center in Georgia. The center might also be of regional dimension,” he admitted.

“And finally, we are also considering an expansion of the NATO liaison office in Tbilisi,” Rasmussen said.

“So all in all, you will see very concrete measures that will bring Georgia closer to NATO,” he added.

Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Alex Petriashvili, states that the package is crucial for Georgia’s defense system, as well as getting Georgia closer to NATO membership. The minister also informed that the Georgian side is undergoing negotiations with the alliance prior to the Wales Summit.

Analyst Elene Khoshtaria believes that such news creates a positive mood prior to the Wales Summit.