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Incident in kindergarten

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, September 30
The parents of four year-old autistic boy Gabriel Nishnianidze are accusing a kindergarten teacher of Saduni of beating their child.

They accuse teachers, as well as other children’s parents of indifference. They claim that other parents were against their child attending classes.

The incident was spread on social networks by the mother of Nishnianidze. She asked for help. The family intends to appeal the incident. An investigation has already been launched. The Services Agency at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Affairs of Georgia has started an inquiry. The Ministry of Education and Science has also gotten involved in the investigation.

The outcome of the Samkharauli Bureau will be known in 30 days. Nishnianidze’s father stated that according to the expert, the child’s injuries were caused by a blunt object and was a result of multiple actions.

“Nishnianidze has a bruise on his right temple, on the left cheek and upper lip. The injuries are considered light, not life threatening,” reads the conclusion.

The school responded to the accusations, stating that children’s rights are fully protected in the school. They stressed that the child got injured playing with other kids.

However, the mother of Nishnianize, Ketevan Iarajuli, stated that she was shocked at the teacher’s indifference.

“My child has blood on his lip and no one even wiped it,” stated Iarajuli.

Representative of the Social Service Agency Eter Tskhakaia stated that the issue would be completely studied and addressed.