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Meeting with Non-governmental sector

Thursday, October 9
Deputy Minister of Defence Tamar Karosanidze and Director of LEPL Cyber Security Bureau of the MoD Andria Gotsiridze met the NGO representatives. The goals and missions of the bureau, national cyber security and international cyber space issues were discussed during the meeting.

Head of the Information and Communications Technologies of Cyber Security Bureau Giorgi Datukishvili delivered the presentations on 2014-2015 tendencies of cyber incidents. He drew attention to the current challenges in cyber security area. The members of NGOs highlighted the information warfare carried out against Georgia in 2008, security dimensions, cyber security protection measures and the need of raising awareness in this area.

Later the meeting proceeded in an interactive format. The MoD representatives shared the civil sector’s recommendations and expressed desire to deepen cooperation in this regard.

Several days ago, the decision making board of the MoD reviewed and approved the Cyber Security Policy Document.

One of the priorities of the MoD is transparency. With this aim Ministry is actively cooperating with NGO representatives and holds regular working meetings with them.