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Russia denounces Georgia’s NATO-oriented moves

By Messenger Staff
Monday, October 13
Georgia’s current administration has taken new steps to smooth relations with Russia. However, no steps have been taken by Moscow thus far. Russia continues its occupation of Georgia’s break-away territories and moreover expresses its dissatisfaction with Georgia approaching NATO. Moscow alleged that these moves are a threat to regional peace and security. Tbilisi, on the other hand, states that its moves towards NATO do not constitute any threat to peace or stability in the region and are of a defensive character. The Russian Foreign Ministry informed the Georgian side of its concerns about the NATO infrastructure deployment on Georgian territory. Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Alasania in particular stated that at the moment, it is Russia that is a threat to regional peace in the Caucasus. As such, Georgian officials reaffirm their commitment to deploy NATO infrastructure in Georgia, as it was decided at the NATO summit in Wales.

NATO officials have stated that Georgian is not the first or last country to host a NATO training center. It will not be a military base and responsibility for running it will be taken by the Georgian Ministry of Defense. This will be a partnership training center and NATO will assist with its management by providing advisers.

It will be an educational and training center set up as similar to others located around the world.

The Georgian PM’s Special Envoy on Russian relations Zurab Abashidze stated while meeting Gregory Karasin, Russia’s Deputy-Foreign Minister, that Georgian cooperation with NATO does not pose a threat to regional security. Abashidze highlighted that the biggest threat to the Caucasus are the unsolved conflicts in the region.

Georgian analysts believe that the Russian Foreign Ministry’s statements about regional security is an attempt of Moscow to scare Georgia so it gives-up the idea of opening a NATO training center. In the case Moscow does not receive the desired result, it will start carrying out military training on the Georgian border. This according to the Kremlin should create instability in Georgia.