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Tbilisi govít plans to relieve capitalís traffic woes

Wednesday, November 26
Local authorities are planning to take action to fix the major traffic problems facing drivers in the capital city.

Roads throughout Tbilisi often are congested in peak hour, causing traffic jams and long delays for motorists. In bad weather the problem is particularly exacerbated and sometimes drivers can be stuck for hours.

Tbilisi Mayor David Narmania has addressed this problem and announced there are plans to carry out numerous and various works to resolve this problem.

One way to relieve the cityís traffic woes is by conducting road expansion work. He also said it was vital to restore two-way traffic on Pushkin St, which connects Baratashvili St. to Freedom Square.

"In order for the roads to work properly [and traffic to move freely], before winter, all the main roads of the city must undergo improvement work,Ē Narmania said.

"Traffic jams are a very serious problem for the city. We plan to do a study of the traffic flow. In addition, we will implement a number of infrastructure projects, which includes the extension of the main roads.Ē (